Image Standards

IMAGES FOR THE SSIPA WEB SITE to be based on the following sizes for the noted uses:

920 x 340 :: Home Page Slider

Pickle on the Rock! :: Salt Spring Island Pickleball Association

215 x 80 :: Home Page Insets for Home One, Home Two, Home Three and Home Four featurettes across bottom of page…

End of game congrats :: Salt Spring Island Pickleball Association

920 x 480 :: Page + Blog Post Feature Images, which are to be scaled down to 580 x 303 in WordPress; proportions optimized for sharing on Facebook…

Pickleball rally :: Salt Spring Island Pickleball Association

Photo caption optional … add caption in ‘Image Details’ window

Robin playing the ball :: Salt Spring Island Pickleball Association580 x 580 :: Page + Blog Post Featurettes… scaled down in WordPress to an appropriate size; usually assigned as left aligned so copy wraps around the image.

If due care is taken in writing copy so it works well as a wrap around the image, the image resizing will result in a pleasing balance on the overall page and will make the layout look great.

It may take a little extra time fine-tuning both the copy and image sizing, but… well worth it!


SSIPA summer picnic at Drummond Park :: Salt Spring Island Pickleball Association215 x 161 | 215 x 215 | 215 x 287 :: Page + Blog Sidebar Images… horizontal image (left) to digital camera 4 x 3 proportions, square image and vertical image to digital camera 3 x 4 proportions. Composition of the images themselves will determine the BEST format to be used.

The above represents the essential image sizes. More standards pending as the site build continues. Something important to remember… a web site is always a ‘work in progress’.

One should enjoy the ‘journey’!

If you have questions, please email the webmaster.

Green Pickleball :: Salt Spring Island Pickleball Association